Tribute to Timber

I really wanted to write this story for several reasons, one to tell the story of timbers life but more importantly so Timber will not be forgotten. I had been wanting a dog for a long time but the circumstances had never been right. So after I landed my job at GM and moved into the condo in Bel Air the time was right.

When I was younger I really enjoyed hiking and doing activities outside. I really wanted to get a dog that personafied the outdoors and reply would be adept to hiking. The breed of border collie just seemed to be a perfect match. So when I saw an add in the paper for border collie puppies for fifty bucks I had to respond.

there timber was a timid little runt of a puppy cowering in the corner of the barn the puppies called home. So I fell in love with him and we started the beginning of a great life we shared. Timber from the very begining was never a mean dog and always had this energetic happy go lucky demeaner.

Timber loved to go hiking with
Me or just to take a ride in my jeep with the top down. He would be my camping campanion and for some reason made me feel safe that night of camping on the beach of the outer banks when a nasty storm came in and we braved it out in the tent.

You know over the years my life changed substantially. From being a singled ungrounded twenty something to the father and husband I would eventually become. He endured a move to New York and the birth of our girls. He was always well manored and never mean or aggressive to anyone.

Over the years I watched my wife become very attached to him. We me working so often he relied on kelly more than me that was ok he was just always happy to have someone there. Timber was a very loved part of our family.

Unfurtunately the events that transpired that October weekend came at us like a wild unruly fastball pitch. Kelly had came and got me from the nieghbors to tell me that Timber was not acting right. I came home to timber just mulling around outside and it scared me. So we decided to take him to a vet. Well since it was Saturday we where forced to go to an emergency vet. Well we found a place around our house. Well they checked him out and took some x-rays and there either an obstruction or some mass near his intestines. The problem we ran into was the vet was charging us four times the going rate for services. After getting a quote for the additional tests such ran to the tune of two thoasand dollars which did not count any corrective services. I was forced to make a decission to see off Timber would make it to Monday morning so he could be taken to our normal vet. So with tears in both me and Kelly’s eyes we took Timber back home with a shot for any pain he was experiencing. We laid Timber under our table where he loved to lay down. He remained kind and tried to acknoledge us to the very end. Timber died that night and the hurt and loss still remains. We burried him in the yard that night.

Needless to say our house has seemed empty ever since that night. I can’t even begin to tell you how much we miss Timber and tears still come months after his death. I like to think maybe he’s in heavan making kids laugh like he did so many times at house. All I know is when I walk through the golden gates I’m going to have a tennis ball in my hand wit his name on it.


Timber in the snowcimg0329

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