12 09 2008

RockAuto.com save me 400.00

21 07 2008

Well to set the scene we where in Chincatuege Virginia at a family campground and Kelsi wanted to ride sitting on the tailgate of our truck. I thought what the heck there would be no harm since you cant drive high speeds through the campground. So I proceeded to push the button in the blazer to open the rear hatch when I heard the dreadful noise of failure that I knew well from a few years ago when the latch had previous broken twice under warranty. Well I decided to just enjoy the rest of my vacation and deal with this later. Unfortunately I knew this would make packing the truck up for Buffalo a monumental challenge.

Well I got back to Buffalo and after constant reminder from my wife and a very difficult canoe trip having to load our truck from the side door I decide to get it fixed. Me being handy and working in the automotive field I felt a bit inclined to do some investigation into this problem. And here is when the problem starts.

So I decided to do a little research into just into how to exactly begin tear apart the tail gate of my truck. I wasn’t really sure how to separate the back window and tailgate. So I decided to do a search on Google to see what I could find in ther message boards and forums . Thankfully I found a forum by the name of blazerforum.com I can’t even begin to tell you how happy I was to know how easily I would be able to fix this problem. Turns out that most of the time a plastic linkage breaks and just needs replaced. So you would assume that all that was left to do is go to the dealership and buy the plastic piece. Wrong!!! The dealership wants you to buy the whole electrical component. So instead of selling the piece that is broken they make you replace a part that isn’t broken. Thankfully I hit the message board again and in the post they gave a link to buy the piece for a few dollars.

I wrote this piece to just to say how valuable the blogisphere was to me and how it saved me close to 400.00. Plus I really want to plug ROCKAUTO.COM for shipping the parts I needed right away and there telephone operators where extremely helpful when I decided to order another part for my truck. So if you need a part for your car or truck I highly reccomend them.

Wall-E Really Moved Me

1 07 2008

Well I got to give the movie Wall-E credit for being one of the most original and forward thinking movies Iv’e seen. In today’s uncertain times of exploding gasoline prices and damage we are causing to our environment this movie made me think about my personal impact. Right from the beginning, starting with a shot of a trash strewn city you could tell that this movie had a message to tell underneath the story. Only Pixar could churn out a movie this thought provoking and entertaining at the same time.

I think that we are really doing substantial damage at this point. From our over sized automobiles to or sprawling neighborhoods filled with oversize houses that waste precious natural resources. I really think that maybe these high gas prices are a positive thing believe it or not. Hopefully this will lead the us auto makers down another path rather than the internal combustion engine. The problem is not whats going to happen Tomorrow its what we are going to be left with a hundred years from now.

During this movie I kept thinking of Wal Mart for some reason when I saw the company portrayed in the film. But what other company can you think of when you talk about cheap goods that people don’t really need but feel they somehow need. The sad part is the movie was not that far off when they portrayed us as stupid sheep that where perfectly happy as long as we where fed and could still purchase frivolous goods. I don’t know about you but I don’t want to be that person nor do I want my children to grow up in that kind of world.

My point in this posting is just to say watch this movie and open your mind to the message the film is trying to shine through. We have a chance left to change things. But the real question is do we have the strength to change things.

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This Is One Bad Ass GPS

24 06 2008

A True Buffalo Legend

16 06 2008

It was a solace weekend in western new York. I was driving in the truck on my way to meeting Kelly for happy hourat Jacobi’s Friday afternoon, as I was driving I was listening to a buffalo talk show. As the host began to go on to some local political issue you heard the bad news in just the tone of his voice. Really?, When?, Are You Sure?, That’s terrible news call the newsroom to make sure. I knew it was bad news before he had to announce anything. At that moment South Buffalo had lost the Media superstar everyone had come to love and respect.
Myself I was never one to watch network news or Meet the Press. But what I saw was the many good things that Tim Russert had done for this city. He never forgot his roots and its was evident in everything he did. weather it was trying help keep the Buffalo Bills in New York or the little stuff he did for South Buffalo residents. The big question now how to we tribute him in this city? The propasal is already out there to name a highway in New York after him. I’m not sure but whatever it is it needs to be something the reflects the love he never lost for the place that always was home Buffalo.

Buffalo will miss you Mr. Russert, may all our prayers be with your family during this tragedy.

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Teacher admits leaving pupils behind as he fled earthquake

3 06 2008

“I ran towards the stairs so fast that I stumbled and fell as I went. When I reached the center of the football pitch, I found I was the first to escape. None of my pupils was with me,” wrote the man now known across China as ‘Runner Fan’.

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Revision3 Sends FBI after MediaDefender

30 05 2008

The popular Internet television network Revision3 suffered from a severe DDoS attack, launched by the infamous anti-piracy organization MediaDefender. After targeting The Pirate Bay
’s trackers, MediaDefender apparently thought it was a good idea to spread their fake torrents through Revision3.

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