Tonawanda Rally

6 12 2008

The wind was blowing off the mighty Niagara River a few miles up river from the Falls this area is so known for. But today was not just an ordinary blistery day for Western New York. You could just see it in the eyes of the men and women that had bundled up for a rally that these people so hoped would help save there jobs. This wasn’t about an another labor dispute this was a cause bigger than just one company, a problem so big that it made several unions join hands along with white collar employees, politicians, heads of car dealerships, and too many others to name. Yes we all braved the harsh climate for an hour to show how much we care about our jobs that are in jeopardy. But even with the sub freezing temperatures and the bitter arctic wind you could not estingish the fiery passion in everyone’s hearts this day.
Today was a day that I will not forget in my lifetime. Because all of my working family is getting attacked from everyone weather its the hypocritical politicians or the biased media that sensationalizes our every word. today the auto industry makes a stand and I am proud to be part of that fight. Remember its Wall Street that got us in this mess along with blind goverment





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