Getting Penalized for Being A Father

20 11 2008

Well I wanted to write this post to show how much of country club working for GM can be. Continuously I keep reading how our work rules are so lenient and out of touch to the normal work place , maybe this story will give you a reality check. What you have to remember is General Motors has used the media to wage a war against UAW since the strike in Flint, Michigan.
With the last contract many things changed when it comes to work rules. The biggest one being the attendance program. To give you a little background we are given five sick days which can be used without repercussions. Then depending on how much time you have with the company you have vacation days which have to be prearranged. Now the thing you have watch is that the advisers don’t use your sick time when you have prearranged vacation time. Since once you burn through your sick time everything is at there disgression. Now before we go further this is the penalty line up

1 offense- written disciplinary action
2 offense-3 days off without pay
3 offense-5 days off without pay
4 offense-30 days off without pay
5 offense-termination

Now to give you the story. Being almost the end of the year I have used most of my time off 95% of that being used for family reasons. So Tuesday Kelly came down with a nasty virus and was down hard for the whole day. To make things worse Madison has been running fevers and is very sick at the same time. And, if that was not enough Kelsi had an important ceremony with girl scouts. I knew after seeing the condition she was in that there was no way that she could handle the kids that night. So I did what any other father in my position would do is call in to work and say I needed a day off. So I took the night off and helped out with dinner and taking care of the both girls.
Well when I return to work Wednesday I was informed that I was being put on noticed pending a disciplinary interview. Since I was out of sick time and did not have the authorization to use one of my vacation days I was getting disciplined. You know there are times when you know you have done something wrong such as blowing the day off so you could go fishing or go to the bar for a few drinks. But this was not one of them, I explained my situation and my adviser seem sympathetic to my circumstances but this is the way they had decided to go. Don’t get me wrong I could care less and they could kiss my white hairy ass if they don’t like the idea that my family comes first. You know its just one of those things I guess when the old line Life Isn’t Fair pertains.
So my challenge tonight is to go through this interview tonight and not laugh at them. Because I truly don’t care if they penalized me because in my heart and to my God I was a good father/ husband. As far as I’m concerned if you can say that what else truly matters




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