Detroit News In Constant Refresh

18 11 2008

Its a very scary time right now to be a domestic autoworker. I had a talk with Kelly today about the challenges that are going to affect us. You know Iv’e always believed in what I have done. Iv’e worked very hard at the sacrifice of my duties as a father. The basketball games Iv’e missed not to mention the family dinners. It just really burns my but to hear people act like they know the road I walk on a daily basis. The brother ship I feel with my working family most people cannot even ascertain. When you read all these stereotypes for industry just remember that maybe things are a little different under the hood.

What is even more upsetting for me is when I make a resume how sparse the page looks. What is sad under that few words under employment for General Motors there is a working man that has busted hiss ass for the last fifteen years. Just really hope pepole take that into concideration

Pretty Good Synopsis of the industry




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19 11 2008

YOU GO BRIAN the lifeblood of a family, a dedication to a company for over 20 years, skipping college and sticking by your job, and above all that die-hard loyalty that has fallen by the wayside in our current fickle job market…. these are things that are not being said in the GM story. For each worker they have, there is a legacy, a passion, and an american blue-collar-dream that has been built along with every car rolled off the line. You guys are appreciated.

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