Wall-E Really Moved Me

1 07 2008

Well I got to give the movie Wall-E credit for being one of the most original and forward thinking movies Iv’e seen. In today’s uncertain times of exploding gasoline prices and damage we are causing to our environment this movie made me think about my personal impact. Right from the beginning, starting with a shot of a trash strewn city you could tell that this movie had a message to tell underneath the story. Only Pixar could churn out a movie this thought provoking and entertaining at the same time.

I think that we are really doing substantial damage at this point. From our over sized automobiles to or sprawling neighborhoods filled with oversize houses that waste precious natural resources. I really think that maybe these high gas prices are a positive thing believe it or not. Hopefully this will lead the us auto makers down another path rather than the internal combustion engine. The problem is not whats going to happen Tomorrow its what we are going to be left with a hundred years from now.

During this movie I kept thinking of Wal Mart for some reason when I saw the company portrayed in the film. But what other company can you think of when you talk about cheap goods that people don’t really need but feel they somehow need. The sad part is the movie was not that far off when they portrayed us as stupid sheep that where perfectly happy as long as we where fed and could still purchase frivolous goods. I don’t know about you but I don’t want to be that person nor do I want my children to grow up in that kind of world.

My point in this posting is just to say watch this movie and open your mind to the message the film is trying to shine through. We have a chance left to change things. But the real question is do we have the strength to change things.

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