A True Buffalo Legend

16 06 2008

It was a solace weekend in western new York. I was driving in the truck on my way to meeting Kelly for happy hourat Jacobi’s Friday afternoon, as I was driving I was listening to a buffalo talk show. As the host began to go on to some local political issue you heard the bad news in just the tone of his voice. Really?, When?, Are You Sure?, That’s terrible news call the newsroom to make sure. I knew it was bad news before he had to announce anything. At that moment South Buffalo had lost the Media superstar everyone had come to love and respect.
Myself I was never one to watch network news or Meet the Press. But what I saw was the many good things that Tim Russert had done for this city. He never forgot his roots and its was evident in everything he did. weather it was trying help keep the Buffalo Bills in New York or the little stuff he did for South Buffalo residents. The big question now how to we tribute him in this city? The propasal is already out there to name a highway in New York after him. I’m not sure but whatever it is it needs to be something the reflects the love he never lost for the place that always was home Buffalo.

Buffalo will miss you Mr. Russert, may all our prayers be with your family during this tragedy.

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