Crazy Week In Buffalo

5 04 2008

Where do I start on this one. Well might as get the bad news out of the way. There was a terrible accident near the plant this week. A tow truck was picking up a abandoned car of the side of the freeway and a Chevy Avalanche struck the tow truck and ended up killing the tow truck driver. Well it turns out the guy driving the Avalanche was drinking at the casino. I worked with this guy years ago at the plant. All I can say is what a waste at so many levels. But you know what is more tragic is that so many times the drunk drivers don’t hurt themselves its the other innocent people and there families that pay the ultimate price.
Its been a long week though helping a friend with his new house. It has been fun though. But every time I do construction I relies how much I Hate Gm. In addition the idea of working there for less money is ludicrous at best. But my instincts are good and I know I will feel it in my heart when its time for a change. I have two things in my favor. One that I am intelligent and two that I will bust my ass to provide for my family. What else do I really need? I will land on my feet no matter what and you better believe when I hit the ground I will be running full speed and I will allow no one to stand in my way.

Tow Truck Accident




One response

8 04 2008

a little caffine sometimes helps! your right only you will know when its time to pull the plug. the question is what market do you choose? north or south. both have perks.

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