Got To Love An Old House

30 03 2008

Well I’ve been working on a drywall project this week in South Buffalo, so I’ve been kept really busy. This house has some rustic charm though. It is one among many of Buffalo’s older houses and neighborhoods that have seen better days. But through the battle of time it has kept its appeal. You know what is amazing in a lot of these older homes is the ornate woodwork that was used to trim out the walls. That is definitely something that has been lost in todays cookie cutter modern homes. But the true crime in these homes is the decay of the neighborhoods which these grand homes sit. Once, where both stable Irish American and Polish American families made this area home has slowly decayed from the filth that the welfare machine has churned out. Sadly the answer to this problem has been for these same families to move to the suburbs. I mean you can still see the Irish flavor to these neighborhoods in the local bars and the stubborn old residents that refuse to give up. I salute these stubborn residents and the youth that are willing to fight to make it clear this neighborhood means something to them.

Just another reason I love Buffalo so much. The weather sucks for most the year but I love the blue collar flavor of the residents and what this area offers if your willing to see it. This town has really left a stamp on me from chicken wings and beef on wec to the many people that Ive befriended since moving here in January 1999.