This Is Important

13 03 2008

Pretty Impressed With Smash

13 03 2008

I got to say that i’m very impressed with Smash Brothers Brawl. I have been enjoying this game thoroughly from the fighting all the way to the platform angle. But the thing that has me most impressed is that it has been able to capture my eight year old daughter thoroughly. The graphics are impressive when you figure the WII’s hardware. So if your interested I put a link to a review

Smash brothers review from Arstechnia


New York Is In The News

13 03 2008

Well here we go again another politician brought into a scandalous position. I wish I could write something witty or heart felt but it is not in me. Frankly, Elliot Spitzer was one of the biggest hypocrites I think I have seen. While cracking down on prostitution laws He was actively soliciting high dollar whores. Just disgusting if you ask me. But you know I’m going to flip this whole thing around I’m sick of both political party’s. If this country wants change they need to get the kind of people that cant afford to pay almost one hundred thousand dollars on street walkers. We need a party that symbolizes the common everyday American that struggles to keep food on the table and gas in the tank. I’m sick of special interests running our political system we need a government that represents the working class. We need a government that understands that family values are important and we need to put true family oriented people in office. Not these phony’s that use there families as electoral pawns.

As far as I’m concerned they should throw the book at Spitzer and incarcerate him in the same cell as many of the felons that he help convict as attorney general. Lets hope that Elliots next big hurdle is prison 101. I think there’s plenty of kinky sex where hes going watch out for the showers they can be a bitch