Life Doesn’t Stop For Anyone

10 03 2008

This weekend really showed how fast things change. I went sledding with Kelsi this weekend and she wanted to invite a friend. Usually not a big deal but her friend was a boy. Don’t get me wrong there just friends but it just made me think how my little girl is growing up. Between putting magazine posters of her favorite musical stars on the walls of her bedroom or her really expressing her independence. Its obvious that shes growing up on me. Boy is that a bitter sweet pill to swallow. Kelsi changed me in a very profound way and forced me to grow up and to become not just a man but a father. Sometimes I question if I could be a better father maybe not work so much or do this and that different but in the end you have to have faith in yourself to step up to the plate and do the right things. So in conclusion you really have to make every moment count don’t you.





One response

11 03 2008

gee bd and so it begins, now do you sit on the porch with a shotgun or do you pray your both doing a good job as parents? i persnaly like the first idea.

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