Verizon Let Go Of Our Phones

5 02 2008

This is article Iv’e been wanting to write for a while. The setup we have for mobile phones is ridiculous for the United States. The current business model is archaic and needs to be changed. I understand how we got here, but times have changed. When cell phones came out the wireless companies wanted to get as many people with phones as they could, so they heavily subsidized the phones and got you on the monthly bill. At that time it was a challenge to convince people that they needed a mobile phone. But obviously that is not the case today. So this brings me to the topic why does Verizon think it can start charging premium prices for there phones at the same time locking phone features down on your phone that you just paid full price. In addition, to add insult to injury they also want to charge premium rates for there call plans.

For example look at the LG Voyager, if you buy it you will pay a hefty three hundred and fifty dollars to purchase the phone. Now with that premium price Verizon also takes the liberty to lock many features down such as WI FI. What is laughable is that Verzion thinks this is there answer to the I-Phones HA!!! Not even close guys plus ATT allows you to use WI-fi. If you want my opinion anybody on Verizion or the other carriers should stay in a holding pattern things are about to get interesting. Verizon is definatly feeling the pressure from the I-Phone. With google looking to get into the business look out people we are about to see major changes in this market. Just last week Garmin announced a new phone which is a real competitor, it didn’t say who was the carrier. So if your looking to get a new phone I would wait to see what happens do not renew just yet





One response

18 02 2008

Not waiting much more longer…I WILL be getting a new phone regardless of your opinion of Verizon dear!!

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