Got To Love An Upset

4 02 2008

Well I got to say that was one of the most exciting games I have seen in a long while. Talk about an upset, but you have to be honest the Giants played New England hard. I mean look how often either Brady was sacked or on the run. It couldn’t happen to a better team. The arrogance of this team was unbelievable between the coach or the Mr. Hollywood quarterback. I mean Brady went so far to say that he wasn’t worried about his foot because he never has to run when hes in the pocket. Well guess what he was certainly scurrying around a lot Sunday night when he wasn’t being put on hiss ass by the Giant’s defense. Secondly, Mr. Belecheck what kind bullshit review was that on the player leaving the field. I got two words for you ” YOU SUCK”. Well it didn’t work and the Patriots messed that chance up too. But what truly made my night was seeing coach Belecheck squirming on camera during post game interviews. Well its like they say “ANY GIVEN SUNDAY”

Well now its time to look forward to next year and hopefully the Ravens can do better. But it was fun game to watch even though neither me or Kell hit on our squares. Good Night from Buffalo





One response

4 02 2008

ouch, harsh. It is a game between 2 teams. Any team can win on any given Sunday- that much was proven. But the fact that the Giants, a wild card w/o a record worth squat, took away this Superbowl, just shows NE didn’t prep enough and didn’t deliver…. it DOES NOT however, mean the Giants are the better team. They got LUCKY.

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