Changing Times

25 01 2008

You know its getting harder and harder for myself to admit that I am becoming a middle age person. Most people say so what its part of life, but is it me or is giving in to that label extremely hard to do? But I do recognize the changes in my lifestyle. Kelly is always telling me I’m really showing my age. But to be honest I feel my age you know you walk into those night clubs with the strobing lights, and the hot beer babes with the music pulsing and really feel I’m becoming that creepy old guy thats too old to be there. When did this happen and how did it happen so fast. But maybe its not a bad thing in those years I was able to watch my daughters grow and enjoy them so maybe its just a fair trade off.

That brings me to my next point and really the heart of this post. How did technology get an age put onto it? I read the article I linked to and I was like WOOOOH. My generation was the one that really opened the digital frontier and really used it to further the quality of life and the way we use it for communication. How did we become creepy for using social networking? To be honest I’m really not huge into the whole social networking I love the whole blogging platform but I do understand the fundamentals of what makes web 2.0 so powerful. But I really have to fight back on this one and say you really can’t say a certain technology is age pacific can you. I just think its a positive thing for parents to be so actively trying to stay in tune with the new technology’s out there.

Its a crazy world out there and things are constantly changing. I mean look at this whole Webkinz craze. Talk about crazy new ideas, social networking for stuffed animals and there owners. I really think that the next frontier will be how we get our media content i.e movies,music,and television. I know music has changed substantially but I think thats only the beginning. You know I look back to when I first started getting into computers. I often asked myself what if I hadn’t taken the classes to help introduce me to this constantly changing world. All I’m saying is its not a bad idea for all ages of people to try to stay on the this wild ride technology is taken us on.

But thats just my take on things thanks for reading

Wired Parents Are They Creepy




One response

18 02 2008

Really!? When do you actually even go out to see those hot beer babes anyways Brian??

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