Fake Wii :Vii first open box video shot

5 11 2007

Wii Fake:Vii first open box video shot,Cheaper This is total bullshit how the Chinese have respect for pattens or copyrights. Whats worse is the morons that keep droning to wal mart to buy crap they dont need or really have a use for. Wake up America screw these slanted eyed little bastards.

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I Know this is a strong post but I really hate this. Nintendo comes out a powerful product that probally took a long time to develop. So these slanty eyed communists get one reverse engineer it, and change a letter and they have a product that is theft on a grand scale. All I’m saying is that we need to stop supporting a country that is so devious. I mean if you wonder where there at find out how many times Chinese hackers have tried to break into the department of Defense. In addition trying to poison our children with toxic toys. We need to wake up there is a bad side to cheap products spend the extra dollar to send a message.




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