1 10 2007

Well we had a great weekend with the family. It was great to go to Becker Farms on Saturday. Me and Kell did a little wine tasting, too bad they where out of the strawberry patch wine that sounded really good. The girls had a great time at the petting zoo and we had a blast picking apples even though our bag broke once. Kelly really let me have on that one I got the your an idiot sigh all you men know that one. I already know the next questions is what on gods earth processed you to buy 18 pumpkins. Well we got offered to go down to this pumpkin farm in the middle of nowhere to pick pumpkins with our neighbor down the street. She had told us that they where only a dollar a pumpkin, my thought is we would get tiny pumpkins. Much to our surprise these pumpkins where huge so I figured we would find people that would buy them for a dollar are you kidding. So we’ve already sold a few but it was fun plus anytime I can stick the truck in four wheel drive a go bumping through a field really makes my day. I know it doesn’t take much to amuse me.




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2 10 2007

you’re cute with your comments dear!! love u too.

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