Hello World

6 06 2007

Well its been a while since Iv’e posted to my blog. Well much has been happening in the davis realm. To start I had a super time at my sisters wedding. She and her new husband Graeme had a beautiful wedding. I’d expect no less out of Dawn. I’m eargerly awaiting the pictures from the foschi’s So me and kell had a great time at the wedding athough we had to juggle the baby quite a bit. But thats part of the fun of having a baby. A special thanks to my Aunt Nancy for helpng me and kell with madison at the rehersal she was less than cooperative. It was great to meet Graemes family and I really enjoyed talking with his parents they where great. I’m really hoping to plan a trip to Scottland next year with my sister nad Grahm.
So once we got back to New York it was back to reality had to get the pool ready and various other bs that builds up. Plus we had to start getting ready for memorial day weekend. Me and Kell had a good weekend hanging out and going through two cases of corona and three limes. We had a great time at George’s house, the clams and the steak kabobs where a hit as far as we are concerned. Im not thrilled with my duaghters swimsuit but thats life. Funny how that works you think there cute when they are a baby in a two piece and as they get older you wish the would stay in a one piece. She still young but shes growing up way too fast for me.
The following weekend was the event of the year, the one the only Stages dance recital. You want to talk about one proud papa. Kelsi did a super job even though Saturday she had a terrible ear ache. But everything went good and I got to say that I dont know what I would do without my wife. I just sit there at the recital and give her flowers at the end. But Kell does her hair, puts on the makeup on, stays with her back stage she deserves a lot of credit.Well life is good talk to everyone soon





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